I Linoit’d Today!

Since my Skype post, I’ve been Skyping quite a bit with my school classes 🙂

I received an email from my son’s teacher about her class assembly presentation (from here on I will call them chapels since this is what we call them in our school – although we are a non-sectarian school). Her class (4L Scholars) needed some help with choosing a song they will be singing at the end of their chapel.

I thought about couple of titles and sang a bit for my son to relay the message.

I don’t think he remembered to tell her (it’s just my guess from her email….;-)

So we set up a Skype session for noon today so that we can chat live.

Ideas were churning in my head…churning…what? Sometimes thinking just takes time!

The story 4L Scholars are retelling is a simple Russian folktale, The Enormous Turnip. Since I didn’t know much about the story, I tweeted out simple question:

In a matter of a few minutes, I received four tweets to help me with my research. As I was clicking on the links, I thought, “Maybe I should put all these together somewhere, like a virtual bulletin board.”

This is how I learned to use Linoit.
It is a FREE, virtual bulletin board where you can stick notes.

But it’s so much more!

Stick a Note, Picture, Share a File, Movie, Link, Due Date, & More on Linoit!

Like the WallWisher (which I love), you can get updates by subscribing to the  contents posted on a canvas via a RSS reader. It is  embeddable like the WW. But here are the differences:

  1. You can subscribe to the information on a canvas and synch it with your iCalendar or Google Calendar
  2. You can post notes/reminders with visible due dates
  3. You have ability to post notes permanently with a tack.
  4. You have ability to PEEL off tasks you have finished. Check it off the list!

I think Linoit has many uses for the classroom.

Some ideas I have for teachers are:

  • For school projects/book report representations – á la  “live binder” style
  • Make a Real-time, Class News Bulletin – on school website/blog page
  • Use it as a Collaborative Tool-  for discussions or brainstorming
  • Make Efficient Online Calendar – school projects, special events, or everyday reminders
  • Combination of all of the above!

So there you have it!

I shared my canvas link with my son’s teacher before the meeting. So while we were Skying, the children looked at this canvas on their SMART board while they were talking to me.  The students also had fun writing notes and discovering ways to move notes around and clicking on the links or opening files. In the end, the class decided to use set of  lyrics I found online to the tune, “There were Ten in the Bed” with words to the folktale. The students will have fun changing some words and order around to fit their presentation. It will be great!

I hope I’m better by then so that I won’t miss their presentation!

All in all, I had a wonderful time connecting with my son’s class and using this new tool!

I hope you get to try it! If you have other great ideas, please share them in the comment section!


6 thoughts on “I Linoit’d Today!

  1. Yoon, thanks for sharing. Now, I can’t wait to try this out. I love that you are using skype to keep up with your classes. the kids must love it! I wish skype wasn’t blocked in our school 😦

  2. Great ideas for using LinoIt, I had registered this week and find it more visually appealing then Wallwisher. I’m planning on presenting it to my teachers at a workshop on Monday. I will share your ideas- thanks!

    1. Dodie,

      I agree with you – I like the interface better than Wallwisher. It’s more appealing to me as it looks like a real bulletin board. I also found out that you can keep certain posts as a secret. Ha! Thanks for visiting and learning with me! Looking forward to visiting your site for more discoveries!

  3. The members of our PLN are absolutely amazing, aren’t they (you included!)? It never ceases to surprise me how willing they are to jump in and help out with suggestions and expertise. I really like Linot, I have always loved office supplies. I love technology but I miss the feeling of buying bulletin boards, sticky notes and different color pens. This is the perfect combination of tech and office supply nostalgia. It is so great that it combines with your calendars and it collaborative in nature.

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