Back in the High Life

Yesterday was a day for follow-up appointment with the trauma doctor.

Our whole family got ready early for my morning appointment.

This day was a special day for me.

It was my first time going outside since the accident – which means it was my first time in two weeks to get dressed to go out, put on shoes, and get my things ready.

It’s only been two weeks. I had almost forgotten the rhythm of every day life. How is that possible?

Yesterday’s 365 daily picture challenge (decided among a group of PLN friends) was to be “Holiday/Vacation Indulgence”.

My day was full of indulgences, I just couldn’t post one. Here’s a list:

  1. The feeling of walking outside, filling my lungs with freshly rained air, looking around our neighborhood was just exhilarating! I snapped a shot of my feet – just taking steps. I felt great.  The follow-up appointment was rather short and to the point. The doctor told me to move around as much as possible; he thought returning to school after the Spring Break would be a great idea.  So in that spirit ~
  2. Our daughter (AJ) and I went shopping. In truth, she helped me to look for my clothes. Before getting into the dressing room, I took shot of us looking into the mirror 🙂 She was so helpful to hold clothes and give me such pleasant company. It was fun!
  3. Afterward we had a great lunch in the car. It was a rainy day – so had picnic lunch inside!
  4. Our son (JJ) loves Legos. He’s been singing the “Could we go to the Lego store?” song for a while now. Because of my injury, our family’s normal outings have been non-existent. We were already in the area, so we headed for The Mall. I decided to walk around to just two stores to shop for AJ’s clothes. In one particular store, we noticed how the dressing room doors were transparent glass. I could see the worried look on AJ as she entered….As the door shut the transparent glass became frosted. Voila – love the convenience of modern technology. (I can’t help myself, but ask, what happens when there’s no electricity? I guess people would not go in and try on things!?) Before long, I got too tired and needed to go home. I called my husband.
  5. Our final stop at The Mall: The Apple Store. Why? Just because…! LOL! The Apple store is one of the busiest stores at this mall. I was waiting for hubs and JJ to finish looking up somethings and saw a familiar face. I saw one of my students there and had a pleasant chat with him. (I think @kellypower visited one too, although different location!
  6. When we got home, we just chilled. JJ built a small Lego kit he just received. He loves role-playing. I snapped a picture of his playing. Sometimes, the way objects are placed tell the whole story. It was one of those moments!
  7. Baked apple pie dessert. I wish I had baked it from scratch (one of these days….). It was a frozen Sarah Lee’s Apple pie. As the box promised, the pie was just so delicious! It was perfect with Haagan-Daz vanilla ice cream.
  8. After dinner, we hung out snuggling on our bed. Kids really are getting too big for four of us to fit. But I will thankfully take all the days we can still enjoy this part of life.
  9. One of the many laughs in our house are made by our kids. They decided to show their love for another (this came out of “why not to fight with sibling” talk with us) by making a surprise card. They  drew pictures and put this together:

Sentiments were: “What can I say? I love you! (family way)”


“Hope you enjoy the card! It’s my way of showing love to my favorite lil bro in the world!”

They even exchanged the card by counting “1,2,3 show!”. It was rather cute.

10. Kids had gone to sleep. But I couldn’t. Maybe it was all the activities of the day OR the sugar from the pie or ice cream. My eyes were wide-open no matter how I tried to sleep. So I grabbed my headphones and scrolled to listen to some music. (At this point, you might guess that I would have listened to Steve Winwood’s song, Back in the High Life. But I didn’t. I love pop/rock songs, but what really resonates with me deeply is what I’m about to write.) I decided to listen to Brahms’ choral works, starting with one of my favorites, Vier Quartette, op.92. I closed my eyes, listening to beautiful balance of a great choir and piano. I love Brahms. I love his music for lush harmony, word-painting, and most importantly for expressing what I cannot express with words.  I could have really loved living in the Romantic Era, reading and talking to Goethe, or Schiller, attending Soirees where Chopin or Schumann would share their new composition, marveling at Delacroix’s paintings….Here is one of my favorite choral pieces. I wish I could let you listen to the music…


Hermann Allmers

Der graue Nebel tropft so still

Herab auf Feld und Wald und Heide,

Als ob der Himmel weinen will

In übergroßem Leide.

Die Blumen wollen nicht mehr blühn,

Die Vöglein schweigen in den Hainen,

Es starb sogar das letzte Grün,

Da mag er auch wohl weinen.

Late Autumn

Translated by Derek Yeld

The grey mist falls so softly

Upon the field and wood and heath,

As if heaven were weeping

In most grievous pain.

The flowers will bloom no more,

The little birds are silent in the groves,

Even the last green has died;

So it may well weep.

I don’t know what kind of life I would have had if I was born during the 19th century.  I could imagine living the life in that era as dramatic, romantic, or tragic as possible. But I can’t help but think how blessed I am to be living now. To be able to see, to hear, to understand, to question, to learn, to share, to laugh like a child, to help, to teach, to enjoy, to wrestle with, to feel, to create, to hurt, to forgive, to hope for, to live for, and to grow ~ to experience all of these is a tremendous blessing.

So the day with the theme of indulgence has found me at a grateful place.

What are you thankful for today?


4 thoughts on “Back in the High Life

  1. You are just doing great.I am very happy for you and your family.
    Thank you for letting us know how you are doing.
    I want to listen to that Brahms too…^^
    Good night!

  2. What a beautiful reflection of your day. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. It’s almost as if you have lived close to an entire lifetime in the just the last two weeks! Your strength and determination is motivating, as well as your love for your family. You are an inspiration with your words. Thank you.

    1. Kelly,

      Thanks so much. I cannot believe how much life can change with one small accident. This is probably the most traumatic experience I’ve experienced. So it happened that our vacations coincided when I’m most mobile! Here’s to life’s blessings and little things in life! I hope you’re enjoying your break!

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