I Need My Oxygen

My head’s spinning right now. My brain and lungs are filled with oxygen from singing with my Middle School Choir.

It’s my first day back greeting my students into our music room. I walked into the empty room to a familiar desk and chair. I sat down with a smile thinking of all of the times that this empty room will be filled with bustling students, lots of laughter, conversations, singing and music making. Wow, I am back.

I am back to…

  • seeing my wonderful colleagues who encourage me to teach children with love.
  • hearing the laughter and craziness of my students. Stories of their Spring break, trips, and life.
  • thinking – thinking about how I can effectively communicate and create music with my students. What do I need to better to make a great learning environment for my students? What do I need to be learning now so that I can make this possible?
  • making mistakes – I make a lot of them. As I tell my students, I’m not concerned that mistakes are made, but it’s important that things are learned from mistakes. I know I will make mistakes with words or decisions, but I want to learn to use better judgment and decision making when the same situations come.
  • learning – learning to look at faces and see where they are at. Learning to hear the questions of my students and listen with care and empathy.

So my choir rehearsal was an exciting time. I am so grateful that I have 20+ students who come to me to learn, grow, and laugh together. The 1/2 hour rehearsal this morning was like an oxygen that revived a weary soul.

I’m back to learn…


2 thoughts on “I Need My Oxygen

    1. Hello Friend!
      I enjoyed today very much. Kids were very kind and happy to see me. I will remember tomorrow how today felt – I am exhausted after a long day!

      Thanks so much for visiting again. I enjoy seeing your smiling face 🙂 and appreciate your friendship!

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