Thanking God for You

This is my 12th year celebrating being a mom.

My husband and I welcomed our firstborn 11 months after we got married.

I was still 24.

Back then, I was so confused. I was trying to figure out my role as a wife and then being a mom. All I can remember is asking a lot of questions and learning a lot of things I did not know before.

This post, however, isn’t about my motherhood. It’s about my Mom.

One word to describe my Mom is R E S I L I E N T. She’s had many hardships and heartaches. But she didn’t give up. She didn’t give up hoping. She didn’t give up on love. I am very thankful for that. So here’s a way I’m going to celebrate my Mom by listing her qualities.

  • Amazing Mezzo-Soprano (yup, she was a professional singer)
  • Great baker
  • Organized planner & task executioner (!)
  • The term “Mama Hand” (a term describing grand portions when someone serves food or in giving) was made to describe her. She makes things in commercial proportions
  • Corky funny
  • A never-give-up-er
  • She raises her voice when she gets upset so you will hear her
  • Grandkids-spoiler
  • Can design and make most intricate dresses
  • Funny, in her own way
  • Has a way to calm my spirit when I’m distressed
  • God-loving

Mom, you are a great lady, and I am so honored to be taught by you. Being a parent isn’t easy at all and you did your very best. I will take your best and show it to our kids. I’m learning to love you more as I get older.

I love you & thank God for you.


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