Beginning a Guitar Video Series

One of the most great things about my PLN on Twitter is that I get to meet wonderfully passionate educators and musicians. Recently, I received this tweet from Samuel Wright:

I love Rodrigo y Gabriela. They are a dynamic duo from Mexico City (if you’ve never heard about them or their music, it’s a MUST!). So his tweet immediately got my attention.

It is the content and what followed after his tweet that I want to write about. Samuel is from Australia. He teaches similar age students there. And the only way I have the privilege of knowing him is because of my network. He and I had short conversations about teaching on MusicPLN forum (you can read about it this post); I have been learning a lot from his blog, Wright-Stuff Music. Because he knew that I also teach class guitar, he shared his post on Rodrigo y Gabriela. I love that I learn with my network and that I can share new classroom ideas or even think about what I do in class every day. Thinking and carrying out actions are good.

So Samuel’s blog posts on Guitar Video Series have inspired me to start my own here. I also use a lot of YouTube videos in the classroom. It’s simply amazing what one can find on YT: videos which are eye-opening and educationally good. I usually save great videos that I will use in the classroom as “Favorites” and use them to begin discussion on performance,  technique, or give opportunities for my students to take in great music visually (bringing in the concert to them). This reminds me that I should read Jim Frankel’s book (another PLN member), YouTube in Music Education to get even more ideas to best use YT videos in class.

So here is the beginning of my guitar series.

Guitarists Cecilia Siqueira and Fernando Lima of Duo Siqueira Lima performing a Brazilian song,  Tico-Tico (extraordinary guitar four-hand):

They were the artists-in-residence at The University of Florida’s BRAZILIAN MUSIC INSTITUTE (BMI) in 2009. I believe this video was recorded then and you can read about more about the institute here. I love their musicality, skillfulness, and their sense of humor as they beautifully collaborate.

It might be interesting to compare another four-hand piece like this one for what the students can hear in timbre, tone, difficulty of piece, and style. Jerry’s Breakdown composed by Jerry Reed, played by Antoine Dufour and Tommy Gauthier:

What great ideas are you gathering from your PLN?


2 thoughts on “Beginning a Guitar Video Series

  1. Awesome write-up and thank you 🙂

    I love the video of four hands on a guitar with Antoine DuFour. Jerry Reed is the composer of the second video and if you are lucky enough to have one of his books you’ll love his pieces like ‘Jiffy Jam,’ ‘Struttin,’ and ‘Mr Lucky.’ If you have Guitar Pro you can get music/tabs for these pieces for free.

    I will have to search through more of your site for Guitar Teaching techniques! Thanks again for the mention – great post and thank you for the link to James Frankel’s book!

  2. This is a great demonstration of how powerful a Professional Learning Network and You Tube can be. I’m about ready to make another screencast myself. I’m definitely looking for guitar tips right now, as I’m beginning to play myself and work towards getting beginner guitar students.

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