Guitar Video Series 3: Sergio and Odair Assad

While music browsing for my cooking time on the NPR Music App, a picture of the Assad brothers’ picture caught my eye. It isn’t everyday that one comes across a classical guitar duo.

The title of the post on NPR was “Assad Brothers Bring Brazil To Savannah”. NPR posted almost an hour of their concert from the Savannah Music Festival. As I listened to the Brazilian guitarists Sergio and Odair Assad, I was struck by their luscious lyrical melodic lines and robust musicality. Listen to the Parts I & II here.

I thought their personal introduction to their repertoire is just lovely. Artists connecting with their audience this way makes a concert experience more enjoyable because it clears sometimes seriously-stifling, too-formal, classical-concert-air.

The concert program includes music from their homeland, Spain and Argentina. There’s an interesting story behind their last piece, Tahhiyya li Ossoulina. While researching for their ancestry, they found out that they were 25% Lebanese. Celebrating their newly found heritage, Sergio wrote this original piece. It’s a piece that displays beautiful combination of Middle Eastern modes and Brazilian dance styles.

Whatever the repertoire, this musical-duo makes you come and enjoy the music- even making you want to get up and dance!

Since this series is a video series (I could not find NPR’s video of this), but found this YouTube video that has pretty good audio. Here’s Astor Piazzolla’s Tango Suite. Share with me if you have more info on these phenomenal musicians or your favorite recording by them.

Happy listening!


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