Going Back to School

One day about this time last year, my younger brother told me a shocking news:

Old school
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I’m applying for art school!

He is a 35-year-old professional who’s been working as an IT for a very long time. He was the “artist” of the family. Of the handful things my parents opposed in our upbringing,  I still, to this day, don’t know why they were [vehemently] against him going to an art school. He obviously had the talent and the drive.

But they said no.

He ended up going to a great school in Pitt; life happened – very differently than he had hoped. He put aside his dreams of being a full-time artist and went to work.

But it’s amazing how life unfolds.

Something drastic happened a year ago at my brother’s job. Amidst mergers, new management, and reconstruction of personnel, a light bulb went off: the hibernating artist started to think about the “what if”s. He moved fast with purpose as he needed to get his portfolio together and get his application in.

I am so proud of my brother for trying. Thankfully, he got accepted into a great program in the city (4 years of BFA~ yikes) and loves learning. By all this, I learned that he is brave, hopeful, smarter than ever, and more passionate about his calling.

As I get back into the classroom, I am compelled to think about music and my role as a teacher (next blog post).

But for now, cheers for my brother & for taking risks!


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