Having {Family} Fun!

One of the things we like to do as a family is to tell stories.

Here is one way we do it! Our movie was inspired by Star Wars (credits are given to George Lucas & John Williams for their work in the credits). The script, videography, editing, and creativity of LimWars is my husband’s.

Our kids and I were happy to take the ride and share the fun with him (note: he took a LONG time with effects and post-production).

I will post a story-behind-the-story later!



A few days after our movie was uploaded to YouTube, Jenny Williams, a senior editor of GeekMom wrote a post featuring our movie! She is super nice and we really appreciate the way she shared our family project with GeekMom readers!


7 thoughts on “Having {Family} Fun!

  1. Totally. Awesome! I’ve been behind the filter and unable to view the video until now. You guys did a fantastic job! Sam and Andrew are going to love it when I show them this. Of course, then they are going to want to make one, too. So thanks a lot, my friend. :0)

  2. Fantastic! I will have to show my kids. They are big Star Wars fans (although they have never actually seen the movies)–all based on LEGO and YouTube video. We have lightsabers too!

    Did you film at Valley Forge?

    Very impressive.

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