Songs for Japan

Since my last post, my students have been busy thinking about making song collections to bring hope and encouragement to all in Japan. We dedicate these songs to @barbsaka, @m_yam, @captainC, @johnstonb, @mscofino, and their students.

My students were to think of a song that would bring healing, encouragement and hope to people facing hardships in Japan. They wrote out their reasons on GoogleDocs and shared the links.

We send our love to you! May these songs lift you up and bring you healing.

~ Yoon

PS: I’m encouraging teachers and school elsewhere to add their songs and messages here or make their own playlst! Also check out Paper Cranes for Japan project. My school will get busy with crane-making after our Spring Break.


1) We will be adding our message posted on the gloster and linoit sticky notes to We Love Japan message board as mentioned by Barbara. It’s really simple way to raise money – I hope YOU will also take a part!

2) Messages added to We Love Japan site!    ~ ysl


9 thoughts on “Songs for Japan

  1. Oh! Thank you so much! I will definitely share this on my blog.

    You and your students are so thoughtful–I teared up just reading their messages 🙂

    If they might be interested in adding the same messages to the We Love Japan message board ( they will also be able to donate a $1 to the Pearson Foundation Japan Relief Fund. (ELT Books is donating 50 cents per message, and Pearson is matching donations–hence the $1 amount).

    Please feel free to share the link with any other teachers and students you think might be willing to help in this simple way.

    And thank you for being such a loving and kindhearted person. Your students are so lucky to have you in their lives!

    1. Barbara!

      I will definitely be sharing “We Love Japan” message board link with everyone else! We’d be happy to add our messages there!!!

      Love to you and your students,

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