Virtual Choir 2.0 Preview

Just saw this tweet from @tedtalks about Virtual Choir 2.0. Watch this video and get a glimpse of Eric Whitacre’s Sleep sung by 2000 voices! If you read my first post about VC, you’d be wondering if I participated for the second project. The answer is yes! The full video should be coming out on April 7th – I am very excited to see it!

But for now – here’s Eric Whitacre on TEDTalks on Virtual Choirs and introduction of Sleep project:

~ Yoon


3 thoughts on “Virtual Choir 2.0 Preview

  1. I love the idea of connecting people from all over the world. Thinking about the practicality of doing this with instruments. So good to hear that you had a chance to do this. I thought about it and just didn’t for no reason. Next time though, I’m all in.

    1. Hi Dave,

      It was a great experience for me! Did you get a chance to hear the finished 2.0 project tonight? I will be posting it shortly!

      Looking forward to singing with you for VC 3.0!

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