A Beautiful Message from the Students

This morning I experienced something totally unexpected.

It made me :-), it made me think; it filled my heart with such joy to be a teacher.

A fourth grade student gently knocked on my door and brought this to me on behalf of his class:

Every year around 9/11, our school has a gathering around the flag pole for a moment of silence and reflection. Children from PreK to grade 8, along with faculty and staff walk in silence. Remarkably, even the youngest students know the solemnity of this observance; they walk in silence – with purpose and with care. After the American flag has been hoisted to half-mast, and our Head of School’s short poignant remark about the observance, I sing America, the Beautiful by myself. It’s hard not to choke up… After the song, we all leave in silence back to our classrooms to begin our day. 

The messages of these children stood out and made my heart full:

You made me remember 9/11.

I wish the firemen were still alive.

You made me respect America more.

The strength of America will not fall.

It was my privilege to bring some kind of comfort for our community through a song. These children, on the fifth day of the new school year, thought deeply about people, our country, and service.

These students make me very proud.

I am grateful to be a teacher. 




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