My first #etmooc!

I registered for #etmooc two days ago…

I’m not quite sure what I got myself into just yet 😉 All I know is that 1) I have learned a great deal through my Twitter PLN last three years, 2) I do a lot of daily online learning, and 3) today is a good day to begin my massive  open online course — with a huge class.

Here we go! Here’s my intro vid!

Happy  learning!

Up next: Massive lipdub!!


PS: made it in a hurry since I’m so late to the party. I used Animoto. If you’re an educator, get a free edu account here. Folks there are great for allowing teachers to use this cool app for teachers and students. I also used my pictures from Flickr and some slides from my Keynote. Song: “Closer to the Edge” 30 Seconds to Mars.



9 thoughts on “My first #etmooc!

    1. Hello Chris! Thanks! Great to meet you! Check out Animoto. When I don’t have time to make movies on iMovie, I usually use Animoto. Looking forward to connecting with you! (Did you post your video?)

  1. I love this video! I am using many of the ideas in Scott Watson’s book (you referred to it in another post) for a class I’m starting next year. I can’t wait to see what else you create! (@musiced20)

    1. Hi Sarah!
      Thanks for commenting! I think Scott touches on important pedagogical and practical lessons for new and experienced teachers. What class are you starting next year?
      Looking forward to connecting with you more,


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