September ’11 Music Education Blog Carnival

Happy New School Year! 

It is with great pleasure to {finally} publish the September edition of Music Education Blog Carnival here. I want to thank many teachers who submitted great posts. Their thoughts, recommendations, and philosophies, I believe, stretch our own thinking. For those of you who are  beginning a new school year, I want to bid you a great year of deep learning. May the learning in these months ahead transform us so that we can be better musicians and teachers. [Personally, I want to work on listening to my students with understanding and emphathy (Kosta and Kallick). I hope to blog about it some time this year…]

Enjoy reading this edition of Music Ed Blog Carnival! I encourage you to comment on the posts you read. And if you would like to host Music Ed Blog Carnival, contact Dr. Joe Pisano at @pisanojm or visit his site,

{Forgive me if I made mistakes on your posts! There were just too many submissions!

Cheers! ~ ysl 😀

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Hosting Music Education Blog Carnival: September Edition

To Music Teachers, Performers, Students, Parents, Music Specialists:

I am excited to host the Music Education Blog Carnival for September, 2011! The Blog Carnival was created and is maintained by Dr. Joseph Pisano of in order to promote the great works being done by Music Education Bloggers across the Internet. During the school year, many music educators have the privilege of hosting monthly issue. So if you are a music teacher, student, musician, performer, or an ardent music lover and you love blogging, please share a post regarding a music-related post for the September issue. Even if you don’t get to submit an article, check back in September to read variety of articles on the Blog Carnival! You probably don’t need this, but just in case you are wondering about some music-related topics, allow me to ask some questions to get you thinking and writing {but not limited to}…

Teachers, what have you been learning this summer? What are some new things you want to create with your students?

Students, what are some obstacles you want to work on this school year?

Performers & Conductors, what separates a great performance from a good performance? 

Composers, what are some ways teachers can implement music composition into their classroom? 

Parents, what concerns do you have in your child’s music education?

Music Tech Gurus, what apps or gears are on your Music Ed “MUST” list?

I hope many of you will consider sharing your thoughts and experiences! Think. Write. And go here to submit. I can’t wait to read yours. If you have any questions, please tweet me or leave me a comment below. 🙂

Please submit your article (short & sweet or long & thought-provoking) by August 29, 2011. Thank you!