symbalooEDU: Personal Learning Environment Made Super Easy

Since my last raving post on Symbaloo, I have introduced MS Music Now webmix to my 5th, 7th, and 8th graders. Many students are enjoying to explore many resources on this webmix.

Yesterday morning, I received great news from Symbaloo:

Hi Yoon we are launching SymbalooEDU today hope you can take a look, give feedback and help spread the word

So when I finished teaching morning classes, I checked out the link.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is symbalooEDU –

What a great learning environment for everyone in a class! I love that the EDU Teachers webmix (pictured) gives you essential tools like Google Docs, Evernote, and Teacher Tube in the middle of the webmix. Visually, this layout is simple and clean. In addition, where you see the Writing, Reading or other subject-specific tiles, teachers can embed a list of documents and applications directly onto tiles. So this means I can post videos, homework, handouts, and student work directly into my webmix. How brilliant is that?

I am very excited that when the initial “greeting” intro message from the middle search box vanished, I found this from the center box drop menu:

I love that I’m seeing educational search engines & reference links. I immediately looked to see how I can change my center “search” box to this reference. I found it under “My Symbaloo Preference” where you can choose a default search box or to customize one. If you click “I want to select a source myself”, you are given three choices:

1. Search Module
2. Widget
3. Newsfeed

Another drop-down menu is available if you choose “search” or “widget” sources to further customize what you want. Symbaloo really did think of ways to make this easy for its users!

I’m guessing since the last “source” option is for newsfeeds (RSS or a site), one’s webmix also can function as an aggregator as well as an organizer.

Since Symbaloo is asking for feedback, I’ve contacted them about a few things. They were super fast with replies, so I’ll include the answers from Symbaloo in italics:

  1. Question: Do teachers need a new account now that EDU site has launched? Answer: No, your log in is same. Log in with your existing email and password; it will take you to PLE of the new site.
  2. Question: Could you please add Sweetsearch as one of the search engines?  Answer: Mentioned Sweetsearch to developers. (I hope they will add it!)
  3. Suggestion I sent last night before writing this post: Instead of Glogster, it would be helpful to have GlogsterEdu in the tile. Answer: Will work on adding Glogster Edu on Edu Teacher webmix!

So here is a great tool where students and teachers can be organized! I am so glad that this invaluable tool is available for teachers and students. This service is free for all individuals!

Check it out and make your class webmix today (and give them a shout out: @symbalooedu). I’m looking forward to finding more ways to use this great tool.

Watch the edu video here.

Happy learning!

~ Yoon 🙂

PS: Gotta say, Kimmie Chann, the Community Director of Symbaloo is awesome at what she does. I had to contact Symbaloo for troubleshooting, and she helped me to resolved the issue. Thank you – I was able to use the webmix for classes today!