Sharing My Stories

I had a wonderful day at CCA of Philadelphia yesterday, having met many teachers who were eager to learn about tech integration. The session was titled, “Connect Your Passion with Tech: Transformative Learning & Creativity”. Both sessions were full and lively. Having great conversations were the best part and I am very thankful that for my friend Todd H., who got me to come and share with their teachers. Here’s the site I prepared for the conference. If you attended one of my sessions, you will find some new materials that might interest you, so check out the tabs.

After a quick dinner, I had the privilege to talk to @wrightstufmusic (Samuel Wright) and the teachers in AIS Music PD day (Australia). I was happy to take part by Skyping in and sharing how my students were using iPodTouches and iPads in the classroom.

So on this crazy busy day…

  • I learned that I enjoy spending time with new teachers who are eager to learn. Really nice, attentive teachers made the day!
  • I enjoyed sharing my stories (my failures and successes!)
  • Using someone else’s SmartBoard and system was very uncomfortable. I was horrible at using the wireless keyboard yesterday.  Again, people were gracious, especially when I fumbled around, or when the embedded code in Google Sites failed to show content.
  • I reflect on how much I have learned from my PLN. Thank you for those who contribute daily to my learning!

Keep moving forward, friends!