One Step at a Time

This is my very first blog post.

OK, that isn’t entirely true. I used to blog, but quit a while back.

What got me to blog again?

First reason:

Yesterday marked my 5th day of not being at school. On the mornings of Saturday, February 27th, I went to school for Middle School musical rehearsal. The morning started with the news of 8.8 earthquake in Chile and impending tsunami approaching the Pacific. The morning was gray all around. And it was flurrying – again. I did not feel good about everything that morning. But because I needed to go, I gathered my things so that I would have time to write some comments that were due on Monday.

An hour went by fast as I sat and typed away. I’m a slow writer… 10 o’clock approached so I headed out for the rehearsal. I parked the car and grabbed my bags. I said hello to students getting out of the cars. Saying more hellos to parents…

Not even one second later – I slipped on some thick ice. See, as a klutz, I’m used to falling down. I pick myself up quickly and then do a left-right sweep to check if there were others witnessing my embarrassment. So as always, I tried picking myself up. I couldn’t. All I felt was excruciating pain. I groaned out loud like I’ve never done. Next however minutes seemed like eternity. I was helped by three kind souls who did see what happened. I was out of breath, crying, groaning. So helpless. Leaning against the wall, waiting for the ambulance to come, all I wanted to do was to talk to my husband. He assured me he’ll meet me at the ambulance. He told me to hang on.

His voice, so sweet and soothing.

Next 30 minutes were a blur. I kept thinking, “Why now?” “How am I going to help my students get ready?” “How am I going to a dinner tonight?” “I better shake out of this…fast!”

The next 7 hours in the ER were filled with visits to X-ray rooms, waiting time, visit to the CAT scan room, more waiting time, being monitored by 2 different nurses and 2 trauma doctors. The first doctor seemed like he was ready to release me. When he saw that I couldn’t roll over to get off the bed or stand, he asked another doctor for second opinion. This man just told me that I needed to be admitted to the hospital. I was admitted that night to room 3221 in the intensive care. I stayed there until Monday and then moved to room 4006 on the non-monitored floor.

Even after giving birth to our two children, I had only stayed two days at the hospital.

This time around I stayed for 4 days. I was on heavy medication, could not walk, couldn’t move. All of it was like a dream.

Out pouring of prayers, calls, emails, and love sustained me while I was at the hospital. I got to think a lot about how blessed I am to have wonderful family and friends.

Now I’m home. First two days, I couldn’t walk upstairs to our room. I’m still very limited to what I can do by myself. I’m learning to take each day to relearn to walk, to regain the strength, and to be “normal” again. Having much time on my hands, I’m faced to make my once wishful blogging thought into reality.

Second reason to start blogging: My PLN (Professional Learning Network).

Thanks to my school’s initiative to integrate technology into curriculum, I opened a Twitter account to use for professional development. I had no idea that my PLN would become the place where continuous professional development would occur. I have been challenged to think beyond what I know. I have been reading my colleagues’ blogs, reading different posts, and engaging in #edchats. The learning is simply amazing. I’m amazed to know so many colleagues through Twitter who care so much about how to be better teachers.

So I’ve been inspired. I’ve been challenged to think and teach better. I’m learning to share with others what I have been learning.

Here’s to the good and the bad that come my way. Good or bad, they are my stories. Thanks for being on this journey with me.