Symbaloo: Webmix for Music Classes

After watching this smart 7th grader introduce her PLE (personal learning environment), I started thinking how I can use Symbaloo for teaching. What is Symbaloo? It’s a place where you can create a visual list of online sites and resources. I love it because I no longer have to search or keep a list of reminder notes. I can simply go here or share all of the links with my students.

I can add or edit any of the blocks at any time. My organization from left to right columns:  Web 2.0 tools, Music Reference, Online Music Tools & Free Resources, Games & Fun Sites.

Click on the image above or this here if you’d like to use this particular webmix.

I’ll be asking my students (5th, 7th & 8th graders) to add their favorite music sites, so check often to see what’s been added.

And please share other helpful links you might be using with your students by leaving me a comment!

Happy learning!

~Yoon 🙂