coffee ☕


Do you like coffee?

I do. I love coffee and cannot go a day without it. But this page isn’t about my love for a hot cup of Sumatra or Dark Roast.

It’s about a group of people who are like coffee in my life.

They wake me up.

They get me going.

They get me hyper, excited, and tired all at the same time.

They laugh a lot.

They are awkward & clumsy.

They are crazy.

They are sensitive.

When they are hurt, they usually don’t want to show it.

They are still kids, but they are growing every day into bigger people.

They are transforming.

They are my students.

The picture you see represents who they are to me: cool, goofy, awkward & powerful.

Here’s to a group of future leaders who give me much joy today!

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