Capes, Heros, & Kindergarteners

I started writing this post on Wednesday, March 31, 2010, but didn’t get to finish writing it until now.

3 mornings out of 5 (during a normal school week), I sit in our school Bell Hall at 8:30 AM.

It’s our CHAPEL time. [I know, this word is deeply tied to Christian practices, but we are a non-sectarian independent school.] Our school chapels are assemblies usually presented by a teacher. Topics are generated by the presenting teachers. It’s fun (and often a lot of work) coming up with ideas so that our mornings together during that time will serve as a fun learning community time. Our (music) department always helps with chapel preparation because music in the beginning and end is planned through us.

This morning’s chapel was about heros, presented by Mrs. O’s  Kindergarten class. What about heros could 5 and 6-year-olds come up with? Spiderman, Sponge Bob, or Super Pets (I stand corrected: my kids said, it’s Wonder Pets).

Check out these capes our Kindergarteners were wearing:

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I don’t know about you, but I didn’t know what to think of these homemade capes. Thank goodness each student got up to the mic and explained:

Hi my name is Abby, but my secret identity is Kid Surgery Saver! I chose to help kids who are having surgery because I want them to be healthy.

Hi my name is Julia, but my secret identity is the Hospital Hero! I chose to help Children’s Hospital because they make kids feel better.

Hi my name is Evan but my secret identity is the Quake Quieter! I chose to help earthquake victims because they need supplies for their homes.

Hi my name is Logan, but my secret identity is the Bear Boss! I chose to help bears because I want them to have enough food, especially before winter.

Hi my name is Nick, but my secret identity is the Pooch Protector! I chose to help Seeing Eye Dogs because they are so helpful to blind people.

Hi my name is Jack, but my secret identity is the Hunger Hero! I chose to help hungry people so their whole family can have food.

Hi my name is Sydnie, but my secret identity is the Animal Rescuer. I chose to help orphan animals so all baby animals have a Mommy and a Daddy.

Hi my name is Kat, but my secret identity is the Animal Protector! I chose to help animals in Africa because they need help finding enough food and water.

Really? Kindergarteners came up with these ideas? Wait, there’s more!

Hi my name is Matthew, but my secret identity is the Rainforest Rescuer! I chose to help the rainforest because a healthy rainforest means the whole world is healthy.

Hi my name is Heidi, but my secret identity is the Haiti Hero! I chose to help Haiti because after the Earthquake, people’s homes were damaged and they did not have enough food and water.

Hi my name is Kimberly, but my secret identity is the Planet Protector! I chose to help the Earth because I would like it to be a cleaner place to live.

Hi my name is Cooper, but my secret identity is the Cancer Crusader! I chose to help people with cancer because I want to help people that I know that have cancer.

The entire class ended their beautiful chapel saying:

“Taking small steps can make a big difference!” (We all sang Mariah Carey’s Hero together).

Thank you, Mrs. O and Kindergarteners. I have learned so much from you this morning. You are not only great readers, but great thinkers and world-changers.

Keep on learning, taking small steps ~ you have already made a difference in our community.

Note: Mrs. O is the teacher who motivated and moved our school community to conserve and recycle. She is the most gentle soul who inspires people around her to care about the world we live in. I am indebted to her for making me think about our environment and taking the next step of getting involved.

Thank you, Michele. You are an inspiration to all of us.


4 thoughts on “Capes, Heros, & Kindergarteners

  1. My kids and I just read your wonderful post and viewed the pictures.

    “The costumes are awesome.”
    “Those are amazing superpowers.”

    Personally, I am intrigued by the concept of the teacher-coordinated sharing/celebration. Perhaps this happens more in P/J and lass in middle school (?), but your “3 out of 5 mornings a week” suggests this is a very regular occurrence.

    I’m all for getting our students connected and participating with real-world issues and real-world audiences (as can be supported by modern tech), but there is something very wonderful behind this vignette that you have shared, and the power of engaging locally on a regular basis with our fellow co-learners.

    1. Thanks, Andy (& kids).
      Every staff member in our school is to present a chapel each year. The presentation varies from person to person as some of us do not have a class to present with. We also require every graduating 8th grader to present a chapel on what he/she is passionate about. I think this format is one of the most intimate and fun ways to learn in our school. And to top it off we commence & end our chapel times with songs.
      Now having said that, it is also very stressful coordinating schedules, topics, songs, and now more than ever, technology. It’s what I call necessary craziness ~ in the end, the learning experience for the presenter, the students, and school is really great.
      It’s a perfect imperfect times of learning together 🙂

  2. Hi Yoon,
    I am touched by your kind words, and in return thank you for spurring me on by listening and following through on some things you have learned! It’s true…everyone can make a difference.

  3. Thanks for visiting, Michele!

    I am amazed at all the good ways you show your students (and people around you) about caring for people/life issues. Thanks for allowing me to share your story with the world. Many have been touched and now will take their steps to make a difference!

    It’s my pleasure to take these steps with you!


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